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Little Beau Sheep Lanolin Balm

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This Lanolin Balm is a wonderfully hydrating and soothing salve, perfect for extremely dry, chapped skin or lips. This little tin is handy to keep in your notions pouch and can be used reguarly to avoid snagging your precious yarn on rough skin and nails.

Quantity: 25g

Ingredients: Lanolin, Water, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil.

Not suitable for those who are allergic, or sensitive to, Lanolin


Made in England.

This lanolin balm has not been tested on animals.

The aluminium tin is 100% recyclable.

More Info

It is widely known that sheep shearers have the softest hands of all despite working in the cold and wind. This is because they handle wool all day long and wool contains lanolin.

Lanolin repairs the barrier function of the skin. The waterproof barrier keeps excess water out, while retaining the moisture inside. It is the closest to the skin’s own protective barrier and absorbs easily into the skin while still allowing the skin to breathe.

Lanolin protects the skin from the harshest environmental conditions and is highly effective on severely damaged skin. Uses include, but are not limited to; chapped lips, dry elbows, cracked feet and as a cuticle cream.