Room of Easels - PRE ORDER

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  • Room of Easels

    A taupe base with splashes of golden and chocolate brown. Inspired by the rich browns inside the Newlyn Art Studio.

    Walking into the studio at The Newlyn School or Art, you can't help but notice the many golden brown easels standing upright across the room. The floor is a dark mahogany colour, flecked with paint splashes, which contrasts with the white and cream walls. I've tried to capture these neutral tones within this colourway. 


    *The swatch is on my Standard Sock base. The superwash bases (Standard Sock, Merino Singles and Merino DK) are more saturated and variegated than the non-superwash bases. The final fabric will look different depending on the base and pattern used, the swatch is just to give you a rough idea of how the colourway works up.*


    The approximate turn around time for this pre-order is 3-4 weeks.


    As yarn is dyed in small batches. Please order the quantity you need for your projects at the same time. This ensures yarn is from the same dyelot.