Marazion - PREORDER

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  • Marazion

    A variegated grey-blue, with kahki and very subtle lilac sections. 

    Along the South coast of Cornwall is a little town called Marazion, probably best know as the gateway to St. Michael's Mount, which can be accessed at low tide by an ancient cobbled causeway. It was here we spent the 3rd day of our painting course, tucked around the corner on one of the quieter stretches of sand. 
    After some quick painting exercises, I had a page full of inky blues, washed out turquoise, and subtle dusky purples - perfect inspiration for our first colourway! 'Marazion' is a soft blend of all these colours, along with some darker kahki-grey representing the rocky outcrops along the shoreline.


    *The swatch is on my Standard Sock base. The superwash bases (Standard Sock, Merino Singles and Merino DK) are more saturated and variegated than the non-superwash bases. The final fabric will look different depending on the base and pattern used, the swatch is just to give you a rough idea of how the colourway works up.*


    The approximate turn around time for this pre-order is 3-4 weeks.


    As yarn is dyed in small batches. Please order the quantity you need for your projects at the same time. This ensures yarn is from the same dyelot.