Dyed to Order - Wych Elm, Rosewood, Fireside

PriceFrom £17.50
  • If Wych Elm, Rosewood or Fireside has sold out, or you need a larger quantity than is available, then you can pre-order it on your choice of base here!


    Wych Elm

    A soft purple and pecan brown variegated colourway with occasional soft hints of peach. Speckled with deep browns.


    A soft pink, mauve and pecan brown variegated colourway with hints of peach. Speckled with deep browns, mauve and orange.


    A soft pink and peach variegated colourway with hints of orange and pecan brown. Speckled with orange, mauve and pink.


    Yarn that has been dyed to order is currently being despatched within 6 weeks of purchase. Orders are more than likely processed much quicker than 6 weeks, but this gives me wiggle room during busy periods!


    As yarn is dyed in small batches. Please order the quantity you need for your projects at the same time. This ensures yarn is from the same dyelot.