Dyed to Order - The Spring Collection 2022

PriceFrom £17.50
  • If any of the Spring Collection has sold out, or you need a larger quantity than is available, then you can pre-order it on your choice of base here! Shown in the photos on Standard Sock.



    A gorgeous terracotta semi-solid colourway. The perfect mixture of pink and orange!


    Apricot Strawflower

    A beautiful mix of peachy-pink and apricot.


    Spring Blossom

    A very delicate, ever-so subtly variegated peachy-pink.


    Honey Pot

    A subtly variegated golden-yellow



    A beautifully warm, golden-yellow, semi-solid colourway.



    A gorgeous green semi-solid colourway.



    A soflty variegated mixture of sea-greens.


    Spring Skies

    A lovely sky-blue semi-solid colourway.


    April Showers

    A beautiful mix of powder and denim blues, working up into a softly variegated pattern. 


    New Denim

    A gorgeous muted denim-blue semi-solid colourway.


    Yarn that has been dyed to order is currently being despatched within 6 weeks of purchase. Orders are more than likely processed much quicker than 6 weeks, but this gives me wiggle room during busy periods!


    As yarn is dyed in small batches. Please order the quantity you need for your projects at the same time. This ensures yarn is from the same dyelot.