Coloured Embroidery Scissors

  • These cute and colourful embroidery scissors are the perfect companion for your yarn-craft projects! They're small and sharp, with gold blades and colourful handles, making them a firm favourite for any crafting project, and perfect for popping in your project bags. It doesn't hurt that they also look fab in WIP photos!


    Available in 4 colours:

    Coral, Mint, Blue and Yellow


    Stainless steel scissors.

    Gold Finish Blades.

    Full size (handle and blade): 10.5cm

    Small pointed blades for precision cuts.


    Although I do try to avoid plastic where possible, these scissors do come with a small rubbery plastic protector on the tip of the blades, as well as a small bit of plastic to attach them to the backing card, both of which are necessary for safety during transit. The rubbery tip can be re-used however to keep your snips safe whilst in your notions pouch!